Sankhya Solutions is a full service CloudSuite solution provider. We can assist you with ERP implementation, end user support, project management and software development. We can help you increase productivity through process improvement and technology management.

How Our Expertise Can Help You



See how the vendor’s on time delivery performance, product quality rating and shop floor rejection rate have been trending over a period of time. Easily understand how quickly is the supplier responding to corrective action requests? Review all the above & more on IntelliDash Vendor Dashboards.



We can help you better utilize core modules of Infor Cloudsuite Industrial and complementary products such as Factory Track (Shop Floor, Time Track, Warehouse Mobility),Infor Document Management, Infor Mingle, etc.



We can assist with integrating Infor CloudSuite Industrial with other software packages for Web Portals, External CRM applications like Sales Force, Engineering PDM, Warehouse Management Systems, Shipping (UPS, FEDEX, LTL), Tax Interface etc.



We can evaluate your requirements, advise on a customization and design a solution with minimal impact to application functionality. We will minimize the gaps between the standard software functionality and the organization's need.

CloudSuite Industrial Expertise


The CRM in Infor CloudSuite Industrial ™ is a good start for most manufacturing companies to track their pipeline. We can help customers establish a process around managing leads and opportunities, visualizing the pipeline and driving sales.

Inventory Control

Whether setting up new warehouses, replenishment processes, distributing inventory to consignment warehouses or maintaining supplier inventory we can help you with the optimal configuration and help establish best practices for Physical Inventory and Cycle counting.

Cost Accounting

From configuring the Cost Accounting based on Actual Costs for a Make to order or engineer to order environment or Standard costing for a repetitive environment, we ensure that the configuration meets the objectives of the organization.

Financial Reporting

Using the Financial Reporting within Infor CloudSuite Industrial ™ or using the Excel based toolset or an external financial reporting package, we can provide training on developing the statements to generate the reports needed at the end of each period.


Infor Cloudsuite Indusrial supports Job Orders, Production Schedules and JIT Transactions for various types of manufacturing flows. Based on process requirements and costing objectives, the system can be configured for any combination of the proceses.


Not all organizations have a history of working with routings and bills of material. We can help establish rules for managing demand from your customers, planning through the supply chain using the APS module.

Field Service

The Service Module in Infor CloudSuite Industrial ™ is very adaptable for any organization that does field installation, billable repair, on-site warranty or tracks the configuration changes to their products. From Incident tracking to track incoming calls to scheduling technicians to work on service orders, we can help develop the processes for your service department.

Quality Control

Which incoming purchased components needs to go through an inspection process. What should be inspected? At which operations do parts need to be inspected? How to measure the capability of the process. How to produce a customer certificate of compliance.


Do you have plants in multiple locations? Is there manufacturing activity or is it just a distribution center. What functionality is needed in each location? Do you need centralized functions? We can help make the right decisions in configuring your Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ™ Multi-site and replication.

Additional capabilities


When a client brings a specific problem statement we work with client to brainstorm options in process, functionality etc. to develop a solution that works for them.

Project Management

We manage projects for our customers bringing together solutions or rolling out new sites or any enterprise system related project.

End User Support

Most end users are busy with operational tasks and do not have the time to deal with system challenges. We support end users by answering questions on process, functionality and helping them solve transactional problems that arise in the due course of business, so that they can focus on the business.

Total System Care

We take ownership of the application and help our customers with testing patches, performance tuning, applying service packs and keeping their ERP system running smoothly in the cloud or on Premise.

Reports and Data Views

We leverage existing features in the ERP to create usable reports that align the reporting with the needs of the user.

Data Management

Import data from various applications into Intellidash to get a holistic perspective for your organization. Stand alone legacy systems, EPDM, Quality systems, shop floor applications, payroll, CRM, WMS etc. Dashboards can be rendered combining data from multiple applications.

Internal Controls

We can advise and configure the system with permissions for separation of duties to improve oversight and internal controls.

Bar Coding and Mobile Devices

We can assist with implementing bar coding of the warehouse and using the Infor Warehouse Mobility to use devices to perform transactions more efficiently.

Cost Effective Staff Augmentation

Our ability to scale and deliver on multiple fronts, allows our customer to use less or more of our services as needed reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Best Practices

Our deep experience with Manufacturing and Syteline (CSI) allows us to apply best practices gleaned from multiple implementations and apply those optimally in your specific environment.

Case Study

Business Challenge

  • Sales team lacked a system to Communicate Monthly/Yearly targets to Sales executives.
  • Sales team was unable to track Executive’s metrics on a Daily/Monthly basis.
  • As the Sales Executives were on the field, they had to VPN to access key information to understand their current status.
  • Sales Managers spend considerable effort to prepare reports for the Monthly review meeting with Management team.


  • Integrated the Sales Module of the ERP system to Intellidash and deployed the Sales Dashboard
  • Leveraged “The Briefs” functionality of IntelliDash to send out Daily/Weekly automated emails to Sales Executives with info on key metrics in relation to the Targets.
  • Sales Managers could drive Monthly review meeting directly from the IntelliDash dashboards